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Professional Counseling for Burnout 

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Do You Feel Completely Physically and Mentally Exhausted? 

We all have those days where we struggle to get the motivation and energy to get through the workday. However, if you consistently feel exhausted, overwhelmed, hopeless, or cynical at work – and in other areas of your life – you likely are experiencing burnout. 

I’m here to help you understand why burnout has taken hold in your life and rediscover your passion and productivity. 

Burnout is complicated and can be caused by many different factors. Maybe you’re in a toxic workplace or are in an unfulfilling or stressful career. Perhaps you have a loaded plate and take on more responsibilities than you can handle, leading you to crash and burn under the weight of it all. Maybe you often put your physical and mental health needs last or never feel that your effort is good enough. Or, alternatively, maybe you find your work unstimulating, purposeless, or unappreciated.  

All of these factors – and more – can you lead to burnout. And a much-needed vacation, or even a new job, is likely not enough to help you feel refreshed, revitalized, and satisfied in your professional life. It takes a therapist who can investigate your unique situation and help you find solutions to break free from burnout in your work and personal life. 

Signs of Burnout

Burnout — which can include occupational burnout, parental burnout, physician burnout, and others — can sometimes be hard to differentiate from depression, anxiety, or chronic stress. While you may have felt anxious or stressed initially, the burnout phase can make you feel disinterested, helpless, and mentally or emotionally exhausted. And mental health conditions, like major depression or an anxiety disorder, can make you more prone to experiencing burnout in the first place. There are several physical, emotional, and mental symptoms of burnout you may notice: 

  • Poor focus or lack of creativity 
  • Pessimism, poor mood, or irritability 
  • Feeling trapped, helpless, or hopeless 
  • Missing days from work or exerting minimal effort 
  • Feeling extremely exhausted or apathetic
  • Drastic change in productivity and performance 
  • Difficulty sleeping or disrupted sleep 
  • Headaches, digestive issues, or muscle tension
  • Low appetite or decreased activity levels 
  • Detachment or isolation from others

Counseling for Burnout and Workplace Stress in Los Angeles 

Los Angeles is a busy, bustling city. Living and working in the San Fernando Valley can be tough, and you’re certainly not alone in experiencing burnout. If you’re looking to partner with a therapist who can help you overcome stress, mental exhaustion, dissatisfaction, and burnout, I’m here to help. You can count on me to give it to you straight and find viable solutions to help you ignite a new phase of growth in your work and personal life. 

Online Therapy for Burnout in California 

If you’re feeling burnout, it might seem like there’s no way out. You might fear that you’ll always feel this exhausted, that you’ll never find satisfaction at work, or that you’ll lose your job if you can’t get back to your old, productive self. I’m here to help you find hope and get to the root of what’s causing you to feel burnt out. With online therapy, we can meet at the time and place most convenient for you and work together to help you find peace and fulfillment in every area of your life. 

“Dimitrios is the first therapist I’ve ever had and even from the very beginning I felt comfortable opening up to him about anything on my mind. He asks direct yet thoughtful questions that seamlessly open up new conversations. I look forward to our sessions every week and couldn’t imagine having them with anyone else!”