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New Client Information 

How to Get Started With Dimitrios Pexaras Therapy 

Embark on your growth journey. 

Couple surfs in the ocean together, their relationship strong from couples counseling.

Your Investment in Therapy Is Worth It

Therapy is an investment in yourself. The healing and growth you experience while in therapy can change your life. Want to strengthen relationships, be successful in your career, and remember what joy feels like? How much is it worth to you to overcome the battles you’ve been fighting for longer than you can remember? How much would you invest to start and end each day at ease and fulfilled? Therapy is a place to work on yourself today so you can reap the benefits for years in the future. 

Therapy Fees for Dimitrios Pexaras 

Individual Therapy – 1 hour$200
Individual Therapy – 1.5 hours$300
Couples Therapy Intake – 75 minutes$300
Couples Therapy – 1 hour$250
Couples Therapy – 1.5 hour$350

Insurance Information 

We are an out-of-network provider and do not accept insurance. Per request, I will provide a superbill that can be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement. I encourage you to check with your insurance provider before your first visit to learn what is covered by your plan. 

Teletherapy Information 

All therapy and coaching sessions are done online through a HIPPA-compliant telehealth platform. We can meet wherever you are comfortable with a strong internet connection.