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Are You Caught in an Endless Cycle
of Worry and Doubt? 

No one wants to feel stuck inside their own head, reliving a cycle of negative thoughts, self-judgment, worry, and shame. You want to do great things and live a life you can be proud of. Yet, at the end of each day, you can’t help but feel exhausted, burnt out, stressed, and disappointed. 

I’m here to help you find the peace and fulfillment you’ve been searching for. 

Maybe you keep telling yourself that if you just get through this one hard thing you’d have more energy and time to spend with your loved ones. That if you just put more time or effort into your work that you’d finally feel successful. That if you just learned to stress less you wouldn’t feel so tired and irritated all the time. 

The truth is that a more joyful life isn’t found by simply waiting or willing yourself into better days. Learning how to manage stress, anxiety, burnout, and relationship issues takes work and practice.

That’s where I come in. I’ll help you discover the root causes of your dissatisfaction in life and break patterns that are holding you back. 

Rediscover Joy With Professional Counseling Services in LA

There is so much more to life than just getting through each day. Achieve steady change and growth with a determined therapist as your guide.  

Stress & Anxiety Therapy 

Feel like you can never catch a break? 

Stress and anxiety have a way of creeping into your mind when you least expect it. Maybe you’re having an especially productive day at work only to have anxiety about your personal relationships break your flow. Or you’re finally taking that much-needed vacation you’ve been looking forward to for months, but you can’t stop thinking about all the work waiting for you when you get back home. 

Here’s the thing: not all anxiety is bad. However, if you’re caught in an endless cycle of worry and it’s disrupting your life, this is a sign you need a change. Through therapy, we’ll differentiate healthy anxiety from unhealthy anxiety in your life and seek out the cause. From here, we’ll strategize how you can set reasonable goals, face your fears of failure, make time to care for yourself, and fully immerse yourself in activities you love. 

Burnout Therapy 

Do you dread going to work every day? 

Long gone are the days when you actually enjoyed the work you do. Starting a business or a career requires a great deal of effort, dedication, and sacrifice. However, you might find that in your effort to go above and beyond in your work, you’ve sacrificed your own health and well-being along the way. The result? You feel cynical, distracted, disconnected, stressed, and ashamed that you can’t just push through. 

The time to rethink your relationship with work is now. You’re ready to see a change in your life, and I’m here to help you get there. What if you could start the workday with excitement and leave it behind feeling fulfilled and at ease? And what if you could then spend time with your family, indulge in your hobbies, or take care of your health without feeling guilty or stressed? We’ll dig deep into why you’re feeling burnt out and how you can shift your thoughts, feelings, and daily habits to unearth your passion. 

Learn More About Burnout >>

Trauma Therapy 

Wish you could just move on? 

Trauma has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. Maybe it’s been years since you’ve experienced a traumatic event, or you thought you dealt with your trauma once and for all the last time you went to therapy. However, a “small thing” happens – a certain car drives by, a friend makes an unwitting comment, or a child screams — and you feel panic take over. 

Reexperiencing trauma might not always makes sense in the moment. You might not understand why you feel so irritated, scared, or unnerved. If you are experiencing intense reactions or anxiety at times where it just doesn’t make sense, past trauma might be to blame. Together we’ll pinpoint the unprocessed memories that are bugging you, process them in a healthy way, and then beat the heck out of them so they start losing their grip on you.  

Relationship Therapy 

Struggling to connect with others? 

Do your communication skills suddenly seem out of whack? Do you find yourself becoming detached from loved ones, avoiding social situations, or preferring silence – even around the people you love the company of the most? Stress, anxiety, and trauma can suck you dry of all your energy and leave you feeling too exhausted and distracted to engage with others. 

If you feel like disconnected, your relationships and your mental health are bound to suffer. Your partner and friends might feel unheard or uncared for. You might feel lonely, isolated, and depressed. Even when you take time to connect with loved ones, you may struggle to communicate naturally and feel awkward, shy, or disinterested.  I’ll help you to relearn the pure joy that comes with being in the company of others. We’ll work on how to have quality time with your partner, engage in deep conversation, and venture out to meet new people.

Treatment Modalities Personalized to Your Growth 

Everyone’s healing journey is unique. I tailor your growth to your needs using a wide range of treatments to help you heal and find joy. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy 

Meditation & Breathing Exercises 

Session Types for Your Unique Needs

Professional Online Counseling Sessions

Discover how to heal and thrive with professional online counseling services in Los Angeles, California. I am trained in a range of therapy and specialize in trauma, anxiety, and relationship counseling.  

Individual Therapy in LA

Are looking for a therapist you can bond and grow with? Partner with a professional counselor who can help you break free and live a more fulfilling life. I strive to go beyond the surface and dig deep with every client I work with. 

Online Coaching Worldwide 

Reach your goals, combat stress, and learn how to feel alive again with online coaching services. I provide telehealth coaching to any location in the world and can help you grow in every area of your life. 

Couples Therapy in LA

Are you and your partner seeking a therapist who can help you find meaning in your relationship again? I work with couples to refine their communication skills, create healthy boundaries, and reduce stress in their relationships. 

“Great therapist. Dimitrios listens well and is nonjudgmental in his approach. He has helped me work through my issues and has been instrumental toward my own personal growth in the last year. I look forward to each session with him will continue to see him going forward. I am excited about the growth I will continue to achieve with his guidance. Would highly recommend to family or friends”