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Living through Trauma

Hi everyone thanks for being here! Through my work each day I am privileged to spend time and support people with different kinds of symptoms such as depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks and phobias and help folks understand those symptoms and most importantly the ROOTS of where it all began.

You might be thinking how’s my anxiety TODAY linked to how my mother talked to me 25 years ago?! Well guess what? It has everything to do with how your mother instilled and modeled anxiety to you!

Trauma is not something you can measure. Trauma is not something you can always see but hey remember we are all different and we all interpret events and behaviors around us differently. There is what we call big T traumas and small T traumas and that’s exactly because what’s small for me might be big for you and it doesn’t really matter in the end if it’s small or big it’s all about how it LINGERS in your brain and your body and guides your life through symptoms like panic, fear, anxiety, worrying and plenty of times depression.

Learning about how your past influences your present is key in trauma therapy so if you’re wondering why you are startled every time your door bell rings or every time you are told what to do.. well there might some type of small or big T right there! Trust me you are not the only one living with trauma and there are plenty of ways to deal with it! You deserve a carefree life!